As Demetri Mitchell shine on loan, e fit fight for first team shirt at Manchester United next season?

Demetri Mitchell bin wakka go do I.T for Hearts during the 2017-18 season. We bin dey monitor hin success and make i no lie, e impress me as e win Man of the Match plenty times for there.

The guy na confirm left-back and from the little wey i don watch, e fit rise to fame at Old Trafford but luck gats dey hin side. The way Rashford take blow, na luck shine for hin side as Louis van Gaal bin chase many strikers (Chicharito, Robin van Persie), then Martial con woundjure during warm up and e see chance. Na that kind luck gats shine on Mitchell.

We dey hear rumour say Mourinho wan sell Shaw. If na true, maybe Mitchell go see chance. Some people talk say Jose no dey give pikins chance but McTominay dey play. Fashi, if you sabi, Jose go play you.

Wetin you think?

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