Baby Giwa dey predict 2-1 win for Manchester United in FA Cup final but she dey fear Eden Hazard


Na our second Fan zone article ontop the FA Cup final between Manchester United and Chelsea, we don catch up with Yemi Giwa and she don yarn her mind ontop how the match fit go.

How you go rate our 2018-19 season? U believe say United do well?

We no too do well but we try. I go rate our season 5/10.

Who you feel say go win the FA Cup final? Why?

I believe United fit win am if dey start the game well. Dey always play finals well.


Which Chelsea player dey fear you pass? Why?

Hazard. The guy na real quality player wey fit change game.

If United go win, which player you feel say go score the winning goal?


Talk truth, the FA Cup final dey fear you? And wetin you go do if United no fit win am?

Well, na 50-50. Na League I dey next season no wahala if we no win FA But e good to use am hold body till we win League.

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As the match dey draw closer, which United player you dey look to? That person wey you feel say fit lead us to victory?

I want make Martial, Lukaku and Pogba start, make we do well for attack and midfield. No be to just dey park bus.

Lastly, wetin be your predictions?

2-1 in favor of United.

Wetin you think?

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