Hazard vs Sanchez: Who go shine for FA Cup final?

As Manchester United dey prepare to face Chelsea for FA Cup final, all eyes go dey on Eden Hazard and Alexis Sanchez. I dey talk am because the team wey go carry the day, go depend on which of dem play pass.

Hazard form no hot this season like how e be last season but the guy still sabi but na mumu people wey surround am. We hear say e fit go Real Madrid this summer self. As for Sanchez, when e first come Old Trafford, e dey play rubbish sote fans dey complain why e dey bench Anthony Martial. Right now, e don improve: e dey score for big games and e dey get assists.

If Hazard shine, Chelsea go carry am. If Sanchez shine, United go carry am. Dem two sabi influence game when dem dey on top form. Na two times wey Manchester United and Chelsea don play this season. The first time, na the Blues wey carry the day as Morata silence the Reds for Stamford Bridge. But Morata fit no play the final as hin form don drop but their new striker Giroud dey dangerous for air self. The second time wey dem face, Mourinho’s men bin come from 1-0 down to knack Chelsea 2-1 for Old Trafford. The FA Cup na for neutral ground so na only God sabi who go carry the title.


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