If Manchester United go beat Chelsea for FA Cup final, Romelu Lukaku gats dey on top form – You gree?

Some people no go believe wetin i wan talk but na the truth. If Manchester United go beat Chelsea on Saturday, Romelu Lukaku gats dey at hin best.

The Belgian forward bin miss the last three United matches (Huddersfield, West Ham and Watford) and e dey obvious as the United attack dey very shallow. Na only one goal wey the Red Devils in those three matches, the one wey Rashford score v Watford. Make i no lie, the matches bin dey boring without am.

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Before those games, some fans bin dey wonder wetin Romelu Lukaku dey bring to the table but now dem don see hin handwork. No be only goals wey the Belgian dey bring as the guy sabi bring our other attackers into play and this na something wey Rashford no fit do. If you fling ball go front for Lukaku. Hin gameplay na to try win header,wey e go use feed one of our wingers. If na Rashford, e go try run behind defenders and e go dey pray make dem do error. Lukaku sabi use hin big body to hin advantage, as e go dey bully defenders up and down. The last time wey we face Chelsea, e ball fire and e disgrace their defenders. E sure me say Chelsea go dey pray make e no dey available, so their defenders fit relax.

Wetin you think?

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