“We go destroy Chelsea for FA Cup final, I dey fear Giroud, Morata na dustbin” – Otoiks


As we dey countdown to the FA Cup final, we don already hear from @Kennagq and @BabyGiwa ontop how the match fit go. Now we wan hear from another Manchester United fan wey dem dey call @Otoiks and e believe say the Red Devils go thrash Chelsea.

How you go rate our 2018-19 season? U believe say United do well?

Our 18/19 season na so and so. We do well for some things, we do bad for some other things. But we finish 2nd and fit win fa cup so e no too over bad like that

Who you feel say go win the FA Cup final?

na Man Utd go win. Jose go do one kain tactic wey go confuse our enemies.

Which Chelsea player dey fear you pass?

na Giroud dey fear me pass oh. The man fit cause wahala pass their other striker wey no intelligent

If United go win, which player you feel say go score the winning goal?

Winning goal na Lingard aka #JLingz. E don do am before, i want make e do am again

Talk truth, the FA Cup final dey fear you? And wetin you go do if United no fit win am?

The Cup final na final. I don experience many finals for my life so i no dey fear again..i just know say anybody fit win, but i pray say na Utd

As the match dey draw closer, which United player you dey look to? That person wey you feel say fit lead us to victory?

Lingard go score..but i dey see great games from Alexis, Pogba, and Herrera. Those 3 go be the backbone for the match. I know say their bones strong

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Lastly, wetin be your predictions?

my prediction na 3-1 to Man Utd. GGMU

Wetin you think?

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