Manchester United fan Anita don air her views ontop the FA Cup final: “We go flog Chelsea, but fear dey catch me”

Na the fourth segment of our FA Cup final Fan-zone be this, as we still dey hear from fans wey dey all over the world. Today, we dey hear from one female Manchester United wey dem dey cal Anita Abika Best, and she don yarn her mind ontop how the FA Cup final fit go. She believe say the Red Devils go flog Chelsea but she dey fear.

How you go rate our 2018-19 season? U believe say United do well?

We get the time wey we do well for this season and the time wey we no do well. The tin self be say Na the time wey we no do well plenty pass but eh for the team we hold our self and colobi our moves sotey we dey gbamgba gidi gba together even at the time wey e tight.

E no be the best season for us because we for don do better as for the kind players wey we get now. But enh, we get belief say next season we go standa gidi gba pass this one.

Who you feel say go win the FA Cup final? Why?

Na Manchester United. We get wetin we need to win this match. I remember say the last time wey we and Chelsea battle for field, we finish them and for that I get believe say this time self go better. Even self we never win Anything for this season so we dey ginger!

Which Chelsea player dey fear you pass? Why?

Ha na Willian oh, for only this season he Score 14 goals him body still dey ginger and he dey like to show himself.

If United go win, which player you feel say go score the winning goal?

Na Matic. He get stategy this season and Na to dey score goal last minute. He be like that kind player wey go dey carry the glory of the rest players dem to show say Na him Sabi and Na him be Oga especially against Chelsea.

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Talk truth, the FA Cup final dey fear you? And wetin you go do if United no fit win am?

Na true. The tin dey fear me because we never carry anything this season. E go pain me if we no win oh because Chelsea no be team wey suppose Beat United. The laff no go quick finish for ground.

As the match dey draw closer, which United player you dey look to? That person wey you feel say fit lead us to victory?

Make Pogba dey pass well and Rashford dey score goal .

Lastly, wetin be your predictions?

2:1 Manchester United go win

Wetin you think?

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