Manchester United fans dey divided: Martial FC vs The Rest FC

E don come to our notice say Manchester United fans dey divided: Martial FC and The Rest FC.

The first set be Martial FC. These ones, dem like Martial sote e no consign dem if the Red Devils lose, as long as their Frenchman dey starting eleven. Even if e no play well, dem no fit see wrong for hin side, instead dem go blame Mourinho and hin tactics. Another thing about dem, na say dem dey hate players wey dey compete with Martial for position. So dem hate Marcus Rashford and Alexis Sanchez. Also, dem dey ready to insult anybody wey yab Martial. Sometimes, i dey wonder whether dem don see the future and Martial win World Best, maybe na why dem wan craze ontop hin matter.

The second set na The Rest FC. These ones no care about any player as dem believe say ‘No player big pass United’. Their own na make United win, carry trophies. These ones dey ready to deliver Martial to Juventus, if e mean say dem go get Dybala in return. These people dey fight with Martial FC a lot because dem dey support Mourinho and hin transfer plans. Even if dem no like Mourinho’s pattern, if United win, dem go dey happy. If Martial dey bench and United win, dem no go remember hin name.

Where you belong?


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