Na who you go blame for Anthony Martial’s France omission? Mourinho or Deschamps

When the France list bin drop and Martial’s name no dey am, many United fans bin dey call for Mourinho’s neck as dem believe say na him dey responsible for the Frenchman’s downfall. But i go disagree.

Others go talk say na Alexis Sanchez wey cause am. Some go even talk say wetin carry Woodward go Sanchez door self. But the person wey i go blame na France coach Didier Deschamps. The guy no just like Martial. Even when Martial dey hot for Van Gaal’s team. When e carry am go Euros, no be bench wey e roast?

Oya check am, Thomas Lemar don play 35 games this season, na only 3 goals e score. France pick am. On the other hand, Anthony Martial don play 44 games, e score 11 goals. But France no pick am.

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Even Dembele wey e pick, how many games e don play for Barcelona? Na God go judge am.

Wetin you think?

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