Who go start for Manchester United in FA Cup final if Romelu Lukaku dey injured?


Serious tension dey catch people as nobody sabi whether Romelu Lukaku go play the FA Cup final. ‘Na only time go tell,’ na wetin Jose Mourinho yarn for hin pre-match conference.

The Belgian dey play key role for United attack so e no suprise me say our goals don dry up since the time wey e injure against Arsenal.

Na the people wey Mourinho fit use if Lukaku no go play:

Marcus Rashford

The three matches wey Lukaku miss, na only Rashford tear net (vs Watford). But that na the 13th goal wey e don score for 51 games this season.

Some people dey wonder why Mourinho dey use am for wing, say na Baba Special destroy hin goal sharpness. But e don score for some big matches sha. Na him wey lead United to 2-1 victory when Liverpool come Old Trafford. The time wey we lose to City, na him wey score our only goal self.


Anthony Martial

As France list, e shock everybody say Martial name no dey am but if Mourinho play am for the FA Cup final, e go wan prove point to Didier Deschamps.

Since the time wey Sanchez enter United for January, Martial don dey chop bench as e no fit play Right-wing. We dey also hear reports say e fit leave this summer but fans no want make e commot.

Manchester United v Swansea City - Premier League

Alexis Sanchez

One of the things wey make Mourinho like Sanchez, na the fact say e fit play for multiple positions. Even though hin form no dey on point since when e come Manchester United, e don dey step up.

Alexis also get good record for Wembley as e sabi score for the stadium. Na him wey help United to overcome Tottenham for semi-final.


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