How Manchester United 2017-18 season take be: Dem try or abi dem no try?

Now wey the 2017-18 season don officially end for Manchester United, how you go rate them? Dem try or abi dem no try? Na the question wey we get for many Red Devil fans.

If una go ask me, i believe say dem try as dem improve from last season, so i go rate dem 7/10. All the trophies wey we carry last season na skrep wey we use save our season from disaster. Another thing wey i believe na say we dey improve. Many people dey vex because the way we take start the season like say we go tear everybody apart but later our fuel con finish.

Our season go end like how e start because of the players wey we get, we no dey consistent. Na Mkhitaryan be clear example. E start the season like say e wan do 100 assists but later e con dey play like mumu. Na why Mourinho sell am.

The thing wey i dey look forward to na the transfers wey Jose Mourinho go make this summer because na hin go determine if we go destroy teams next season. All those youths dey try but dem no fit lead us to big things as their fuel dey finish for middle stage. Their form dey like light bulb, e dey on and off. Whether United go close eye buy Gareth Bale, na only God sabi.

Wetin you think?

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