Juan Mata’s Blog: E pain me say agberos knack us, we go improve next season

Another Monday don wakka come and Juan Ikeji don release new episode for hin weekly blog. Na the last post wey consign Manchester United as the season don end. Anyhow, we dey hear to translate am for una:

“My people how una dey,

Na the last post wey i go drop this season and make i no lie, i for like make things dey different. The fact say we lose our last match, The FA Cup final, dey pain as we for like win am, make our fans dey happy but we no fit.

We bin dey look forward to the game, we sabi say una dey look forward to am self. We for like win am for you. E pain me gan. But we wan thank una for support as we feel una for stadium. I wish say things for dey different.

If i wan talk about the game, we pressure dem. E get many chances wey we see but we no fit convert am, send the match to extra time. But i gats hail Chelsea as dem defend well.

I still dey feel the pain now self and e go be like this for sometime but we dey also look ahead to the future, ontop how we go rebuild, so we go fit restore this club to where e belong.

We wan thank una for support, even on the days wey we no win, e mean much to us. We go make una proud one day. We go improve.

Make we hug,


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