Scott McTominay dun vow to hold hin national team choice tight

• England-born McTominay dey eligible to represent Scotland through hin Scottish father

• Until hin feature ontop one official game for Scotland, hin fit rescind hin decision

Scotland squad travel 6,000-mile trip to South America for dem friendlies with Peru and Mexico as Scott dey the squad. Hin dun already play for hin NT as his debut go take place for March for friendly against Costa-Rica. Scotland sef play Hungary back then, but McTominay withdraw cos say hin get injury.

Now wey him fully fit, Scott claims say hin remain fully committed to hin choice: ”No chance at all dey[of me to con switch to England]. You fit dismiss that one.”

The 21-year-old midfielder appreciate the effort wey Scotland head coach Alex McLeish make to get am to dey play for hin team rather than England: ”I dey so grateful when hin [McLeish] come down. Hin dey manager office [for Man United], dey follow me rappor. I just gats thank am as hin show interest con drive through that storm and bad weather to see me. I dey really grateful for that.”

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England boss Gareth Southgate admit say e dun dey do am to follow McTominay yarn, but by hin own admission back for March, Scott ‘feels Scottish’.

McTominay elaborates ontop England interest: ”Meeting set up dey with Gareth Southgate then but by that time I dun make my mind up. Alex drive down and na there the personal touch happen. E make am that little bit sweeter say the manager drive down to see me. I carry am ontop my mind as compliment and I dey happy with that.”

Jose Mourinho no be the last person to advise hin player to choose hin current NT. McTominay yarn: ”I just wan play for Scotland. I follow my manager at Manchester United yarn. I yarn am watin I want and hin yarn me to do whatever I gats do. Hin advice na to weigh up both sides and then go with whatever wey dey your heart. I dun already make the decision so e dey reasonably simple.”

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