REVEALED: Plenty reasons why United fans gats dey happy with Dalot

• United dey expected to sign Porto 19-year-old right-back Dalot, as per Telegraph

• The player dey highly-rated in Portugal

Reddit user zio_maniac provide some encouragement for Man United fans wey be say dem no dey happy by dem potential summer arrival.

Hin write: ”As per say I be huge FC Porto fan, if this transfer become official, I go dey absolutely heartbroken. No mistake like this dey with this pikin: hin go be one of the very best if 2-3 years nack.

”When dem sell Ricardo [Pereira] commot a week ago no single doubt dey my mind say Dalot go be the owner of the starting spot for the present AND the future. Hin be homegrown talent, hin be widely known fan of the club [as hin famous as hin be one of the match mascot for the 2012 Classico FCP vs SLB for Estadio do Dragão wey win us championship back then] and hin get multiple times yarn say hin wan be part of the club history before hin leave…

”I dey truly devastated by this. For real. Rumors yarn say hin dad/manager denied hin contract negotiations all season long, promising to meet with the board if everything end so as to improve hin son contract length, salary and release clause, but hin suddenly change hin mind con yarn them say hin dey no longer interested and say Dalot dun go.

”E just sad… Cheer up, you get yourselves good one. Hin remind me of young Maicon, and na everybody know how that one turn out when Mourinho hole am strong for Inter. Excellent crosser, play wella on both sides, hin no mature enough yet for the big leagues I dey afraid, but hin no go lose hin composure easily and go hold his own. Congratulations!’

You no dey excited with fresh young talent?


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