Jose Mourinho dey tip Brazil to lift the 2018 World Cup trophy, but e also praise Ronaldo and Messi


Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho don blow pieces as na him wey be the cover of GQ magazine. The United boss don yarn hin mind ontop the World Cup wey go happen for Russia.

Jose Mourinho dey favour Brazil to win am but e believe say countries like Argentina and Portugal go worry because of Messi and Ronaldo.

“People like Ronaldo and Messi be evil spirit so dem fit infect other people wey dey around dem. So i dey reason say Argentina go do well for World Cup,” na wetin Mourinho yarn.


“But i believe say the team wey everybody go wan watch na Brazil. Their manager sabi, dem sabi ball, dem sabi defend. That Brazil jazz dey their body, dem go cause trouble.”

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