Why Manchester United dey scout for left-backs when Demetri Mitchell dey hot? – E fit blow next season?

See ehn, e get something wey dey bother me and i just wan share am with una. I dey wonder why Manchester United dey linked with left-backs when we get people like Demetri Mitchell wey dey hot.

See ehn, the loan wey Mitchell go last season, na him wey shine pass for that club sote e carry many awards come back. For United award night, na him wey win best reserve player. I don watch am play before and i dey impressed. I fit even rate am above Luke Shaw (When e no dey on top form).

I just dey pray make Mitchell see chance for pre-season so e fit prove himself to Jose Mourinho because e go pain me if e leave. If Jose give am chance, e show am say e dey kampe. The question na whether e fit blow next season. I believe say e dey possible. As Jose don give McTominay chance, e mean say e fit give another pikin chance too.

Wetin you think?

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