Manchester United don sign Casey Stoney as Head coachie for their Woman football team


We don receive breaking news from Manchester United HQ as we hear say dem don sign Casey Stoney, say make she be their Head Coach for the United female team.

The new coach Casey don yarn ontop the matter self.

“The fact say we go get female team and na me dey lead the movement, dey burst my brain. I wan build the team so dem go fit dey play like how i dey see am for my mind, we gats become the best team wey dey this world, see ehn, e dey hungry me to start work.” na wetin Casey yarn.

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“My aim na to grow the team so girls wey dey around the world go dey dream of how dem go play for us. I gats make this team the best women’s team for the world”



Manchester United Chairman Ed Woodward don yarn ontop the new coach Casey.

“The fact say we don appoint Casey show say we wan win for all areas. The fact say we chose am, na because she don do well as player and coach. Na she go fit lead us well. I wan welcome am to Manchester United.”


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