Why Man United in Pidgin dey suspended on twitter? Na @IFPI_org do mistake issue us DMCA take down notice

Before i bin dey contemplate whether i go explain why @ManUtdinPidgin dey suspended on twitter but i don decide to talk am. So on Tuesday, i bin receive DMCA take down notice by 6pm via mail and e shock me because i know say i dey stay clear off copyrighted material.. But as i con check am, na the below image wey i see:

I bin dey shocked because the song na my own self. How person go accuse me for Copyright ontop my own song? Then i con scroll down, then i realise say @IFPI_org do mistake as dem think say the song belong to one ‘Dizzy’ wey dey signed to Universal Music Group. My song bin dey Tooxclusive.com but dem also report am self, so copyright people don also pull the song down from the site.

Imagine, because somebody no sabi do hin job well, you dey suffer. So i con dey think about wetin i go do, then twitter talk say make i reach out to them (@IFPI_org) via their email address Notices@ifpi.org. So i con mail them. After some hours, dem con respond say make i send dem the particular song wey dem take down. As i send am, dey con talk say dem don process the retraction. As i see the mail, i bin dey happy as twitter talk say retraction na the quickest way to unsuspension.

They bin file their retraction on Wednesday but till now, twitter never send us mail say person don do am. @TwitterSupport no dey reply tweets, their dms dey unresponsive. Their mails na automated. So e dey easier for twitter to see DMCA takedown notice, than make dem see retraction mail?

As confam Naija boy wey i be, i don disturb them tire sote dem gats process the retraction again. But till now, twitter never respond. The problem now na say, the customer service ontop twitter na 90% robot. So e sure me say their representatives never check am. I don drop receipts below.

So who i go blame? Na @IFPI_org wey no sabi do their job well or @TwitterSupport wey no dey respond to complaints. Anyhow, because of another person mistake, ManUtdinPidgin dey suspended on twitter. I dey in support of the copyright movement as i sabi say Artistes gats chop when dem record song, but i believe say e dey wrong to make mistake ontop copyright claims as another person fit dey suffer because of am.

You fit join the #FreeManUtdinPidgin campaign as we wan fight to see if twitter go respond when everybody dey talk about am.

Meanwhile, you fit follow us on Instagram and Facebook: @ManUtdinPidgin

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