Manchester United star Paul Pogba don reflect ontop hin 2018/19 Season, e don advise Kylian Mbappe


Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba don reflect ontop hin 2017/18 season, and e also don drop advise for Kylian Mbappe.

“This season na the first time wey i warm bench. na part of life sha, no be Jose fault, i gats accept am,” na wetin Pogba yarn.

“Wetin Deschamps tell me when i dey bench for United? E tell me say make i no worry. E tell me say e trust me gan, say e get my back and e bin dey advise me. The coachie dey relate well with us. E understand us wella.”

“People dey criticize me? Na how people be for France and Europe. I no know why person no fit use better hairstyle play football?. If i wan dance, i go dance, na my right. When i dey dance, dem go dey yab me, but when i score, dem go keep quiet. When we lose, dem go commot, dey yarn rubbish.”

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The French midfielder don also advise young striker Kylian Mbappe, say make e no send hin critics, say make e continue dey play good ball.


“The thing wey i go tell Mbappe na make e fashi hin haters,” na wetin Pogba yarn. “Make e silence them with sweet football, e go make dem chop their words.”





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