Manchester United star Paul Pogba don reflect ontop the 2018 World Cup: “France go win am”


Manchester United midifleder Paul Pogba don reflect ontop the 2018 World Cup wey dey happen for Russia.

The World Cup final go happen on Sunday and France go tackle Croatia. Now, Pogba believe say France no go lose again like how dem take lose against Portugal for Euro 2016.


“No he how we take play that Euro 2016 wey we go do for dis one. I don sabi how e feel to lose and e no sweet,” na wetin Pogba yarn.

“France na country wey dey packed with different cultures, na how e take be for 1998. Na how we take like am, na how we love am. E dey sweet my belle as i dey wear this jersey. My head dey swell say i grow up for France, i be French man.”

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Hin French teammate Umtiti don praise Pogba self: “I don sabi am for many years. Him na leader, e dey hin body. E dey ginger our moral. E don turn beast for this competition. Him na warrior and as e dey win battles, we dey move forward.”

Lastly Pogba don praise French defender Raphael Varane: “The guy na Oga, no be today wey e start, e dey hin blood. Fashi say him na pikin, e be like say e don dey ball for 20 years. E don win everything, him na leader.”


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