Na Modric win golden ball but Paul Pogba school am as France demolish Croatia 4-2

The World Cup final bin happen between France and Croatia today and Paul Pogba don show fans say e fit steal the show for midfield when men like Luka Modric and Rakitic dey ontop pitch.

Before this game start, many people bin dey praise the Real Madrid midfielder Modric. Some people dey even talk say na him go lead Croatia to the trophy, say e dey hin prime for the competition.

But last last even though na Modric wey win golden ball, na Paul Pogba win Man of the Match for the France vs Croatia game. If say Pogba no dey pitch, maybe Modric for shine as na Croatia wey hold ball pass (Dem get 61% ball possession, while France bin get 39%). But the United midfielder Pogba don school Modric say e dey possible to boss midfield with less possession.

Na Pogba wey throw the best passes for the game. Na him wey start the move wey lead to France’s third goal as e fling one mad pass give Mbappe. That hin pass slice the Croatian midfield and defence. Na world class pass but as hin teammates no wan score, e step up and e score one mad goal.

Wetin you think?

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