Wetin be Highspirit.ng social betting network?

When you dey hear of ‘betting,’ the first thing wey go come to your mind na sports betting, odds, bookies, etc, I fit assure you say dem no reach Social betting wey make brain. Social betting dey sweet pass regular betting.

Social betting? Yes o. Shey you remember how you go dey bet against your friends back then? I fit remember those days when i dey carry N500 to N1000 when i wan watch football. Na because, for my viewing centre, one guy dey always argue and e dey predict. If i dey reason say hin argument/prediction na rubbish, i go challenge am with my money, say make we bet.

When we don gree ontop deal, we go get boardman (middleman) to hold our stakes. The boardman go give the winner all the stakes and e go keep some percent for himself. No be only Sports or at viewing centers e dey happen o, as e dey happen for house, for school, we dey bet against each-other.

With social betting, Highspirit.ng social betting network dey take us back to the basics of betting. Highspirit is a unique social betting network wey dey allow you to connect with, and bet against other real people on anything.

With Highspirit.ng social betting network, the only thing wey you gats do na to log on to the platform, make your prediction, and pay your desired stake. E get many users wey go wan challenge wetin you predict with their stakes. If na your prediction dey right, the you go win all their stakes.

How you go take bet ontop Highspirit social betting website?

If say you wan predict say Kesh go win the 2023 Nigerian presidential election. First, you register on the Highspirit social betting network

1. Click PREDICT on the top-right corner of your screen

2. Make your Prediction and Pay your desired stake amount.

On the next screen, you go fill in the following details of your prediction:

Event title: Any title wey you wan to name your prediction. Use something wey people fit identify fast fast. For our prediction, we dey use ‘Nigerian President.’

Category: On Highspirit social betting and prediction network, you fit predict on anything. So, here na where you go select the appropriate category for the event you dey predicting on. Here, we dey select Politics.

Short description: Here, you go type summary ontop the event you dey predicting on. We fit use ‘Nigerian 2023 Presidential election.’

Expected outcome: State wetin you dey predict. We go type ‘Kesh will win the 2023 Nigerian presidential election.’

Stake: Type in how much you wan drop as you dey stake on your prediction. Here, We dey bet 2000 Naira on this. (Don’t let us down, Kesh!)

End date of event: Input a date that is on or before the date your event is taking place. This is when your prediction will no longer be challengeable.

To post your prediction, click ‘PAY FROM WALLET’ if you have funds in your Highspirit wallet or click ‘ONLINE PAYMENT’ if you wish to pay from your bank account. Payments are secured by PayStack and can be made easily via your ATM card or online banking.

After payment, your prediction is submitted to the Highspirit team to verification. If it passes the verification, your prediction is posted for other users to challenge.

About the Stakes

• For our prediction, we paid a stake of 2000 Naira. A challenger can stake anything from 100 Naira to 2000 Naira (our stake).

• They will keep challenging till our original stake is equaled and then, the prediction closes.

• If our prediction turns out to be right, you will win the total of all the challengers’ stakes. If our 2000 Naira was equaled, we will win 4000 Naira (double our original stake).

• If Kesh doesn’t win, the Challengers will receive double of whatever they paid.

• The prediction closes when challengers equal our 2000 Naira or on the date of the event.

• If our stake is not equaled by challengers, the remaining funds get back into our Highspirit wallet.

• Highspirit does not take any percentage of your winnings. You keep 100%.

• On the prediction page, you will see a list of the challengers for the predictions, their stakes, and their potential winnings.

Welcome to the start of your amazing social betting experience on www.Highspirit.ng.

Wetin you think?

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