Jose Mourinho don provide update ontop Man United’s clash vs Brighton: Pogba na Capo


Manchester United Jose Mourinho don confirm say Paul Pogba be captain on Sunday after the Reds boss don rubbish all the rumours wey English media dey spread say him and the French international dey beef.

Na wetin Baba Special yarn: “See ehn, i fit buy am small Stout now, i dey happy with Pogba. The truth na say, i don dey here with am for two years but the way i take dey happy with am now ehn, i no fit describe am. Na the koko be that. The guy dey ball, e dey gimme wetin i want, i no fit ask for more.”

“Na still pikin for my eye. Na for Manchester dem make am. Captain blood dey hin body but when Antonio Valencia come back, e go collect back hin badge, One Way.”

“I wan make Pogba dey play well, so the team and fans go dey feel am. The guy dey humble, e go school, I never fight with am before. Una (Media) sabi lie. Una no dey fear God? Why una go just wake up dey spread lie like mumu?. I no get problem with am.”

Fpl main 2

Jose Mourinho don confirm say One Way, Nemanja Matic don Jesse Lingard don return back to training. E talk say dem full ground but dem no dey ready to play ball yet. So dem go miss out on Sunday.

“Our training dey make brain. We go leave Brighton stadium with their pant, na sure thing. Na the koko be that, make we knack dem apako. Brighton lose their first match, so dem go wan change am for us, dem go wan improve their game so the match go tough but no matter how pikin sturborn for Africa, hin Mama fit use can flog am.”

Jose ontop Darmian: “Him na person wey i fit rely on. E sabi play ball, we love am for here. For me, if e no leave, i go dey happy.”

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