Players rating ontop Brighton 3-2 Manchester United: Na Bally flop, Shaw try


If you think say Amaka na Disappointment, then you never meet Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United team. Na how dem take fall my hand against Brighton today with their yeye performance.

Anyhow, i wan rate all the players ontop how dem take perform vs Brighton:

David de Gea: I go give am 2 for all the times wey e dive to form activity. The three goals, i no fit blame am.

Ashley Young: I go rate am 2. I for give am 1 but i just dash am 1 for the activity wey hin dey form. Baba no cross any ball apart from the yeye corners wey e play.

Eric Bailly: I go rate am 0. I bin wan dash am 0.5 but i no fit give am self because na him wey give us mountain to climb. E just dey defend like say e be Championship player. Na him cause the three goals. Hin no dey focused at all.

Victor Lindelof: Another guy wey flop today, i go give am 1. If person give am body, e go miss road.

Luke Shaw: Na the only United player wey try today. I go give am 5.

Paul Pogba: E bin score goal so i fit dash am 3. E bin dey try too hard today, but e get really bad game.

Fred: This guy fall my hand today. Side pass no dey tire am? i go rate am 2.

Andreas Pereira: E mess up jare, na 1.

Martial: E start match like say e wan cause havoc but e turn vanishing spray later. I go rate am 2.

Juan Mata: Hin body dey pitch, mind dey blog, i go rate am 0.5

Lukaku: E dey isolated, e bin score for us. I go rate am 4.

Bench warmers

Lingard: No impact jare, 2

Rashford: The number 10 too big for am, na 1.

Fellaini: Him na the only substitute wey try small, as e dey use chest win ball and bring down ball but na so so mumus surround am. I go rate am 4.

Fpl Main

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