Five Things wey we observe as Tottenham disgrace Manchester United 3-0: Mourinho don confuse


O Boi, the wahala don continue o. We don finally believe say Manchester United dey in crisis as Tottenham knack dem 3-0 for Old Trafford. The people wey score for Spurs na Harry Kane and Lucas Moura (2). I  know say e dey too early but i don lose hope o, but i no go yab Jose Mourinho till the board sack am.

We sha wan talk about the five things wey we observe for the game:

The first thing wey we observe na say Manchester United dey one goal away from Control + Spoil. The first match, i no too notice am but when Leicester bin score, e remain small dem for score us again. When we play Brighton, we bin fall apart after their first goal. Today, even if na different defenders, e don happen again. As Tottenham score that first goal, our players just fashi the game, na how e take reach 3-0. I no sabi wetin dem dey do for training.

Secondly, the fact say the board no bin invest in defenders this summer, dey affect us now. When our mates dey buy real players, we dey sign average people. Fred self na average. We never see Dalot, e come our club come recover from wound. As for that Old goalkeeper wey dem sign, i no sabi why dem sign am. Our defence dey in shambles. The third game don happen now and i no sabi who be our back four. I no even sabi our defensive system.

Thirdly, Some of the big name players like Romelu Lukaku and Paul Pogba bin shame me today. Upon say Paul Scholes yab Pogba after that Brighton defeat, e no even turn up today to shut that albino up. The guy just be passer by, apart from the few shots wey e play.

Fourthly, I no know why Anthony Martial no dey the team, or bench self. I no know why Mourinho bin bring in Fellaini, instead of Marcus Rashford when e dey find goals. See Mourinho self get blame for the defeat.

Lastly, Why we never sell Phil Jones. OMG?? Wetin this guy still dey do for big club like United?

Wetin you think?

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