Dear Jose; Open letter wey we write give Mourinho

Dear Mourinho,

You don fall my hand-Infact you don fall all Man united fans hands at once . Wetin our eye don dey see so far, e no dey sweet us for body.

Ever since sir Alex don hang suit, we don dey search as we turn Davido dey find assurance sote we carry hand sign Moyes and LVG. As man united yarn say them don grab you two years ago, we happy gan, our mind dey coole say at last we don see person wey go bring our pride baack, wey go give us winning mentality and boku trophies make all this yeye teams no dey yarn rubbish about the red devils.

We bin dey gallant as united supporters because we don see as you dey knack records, as your trophy cabinet dey overflow, as big big teams dey set yansh for you and the kind respect wey big players get for you.

The first season bin make sense – we carry the trophies put for cabinet, but we don dey notice the fire wey dey mountain small small with every game wey dey pass but we throway face as per e don tey gan wey we never chop trophy and we fit no complain make e no be like say we too dey talk and dey ungrateful.

Yet as time dey pass, the thing come dey clear for our eye even as we no win shingbain last season say come o wetin dey happen for here sef??

One of the things wey we first dey see be say you too like to dey win,we sef like to dey win because who no like better thing?, but you like make you win no matter wetin happen even to the extent say we go dey play football wey dey turn belle just cause say we wan win and we United fans no dey used to am at all.

We go dey park bus, go dey find awoof goal, scrappy cross and nod. You fit dey try that one for chelshit or burnley but we be united,we no want that kind tin. Since wey we don dey use am, wetin we don achieve? E no dey work!!! We for United like to dey play with class even if na win or we set yansh, we gats get our pride.

Unleash the boys, make dem flex, make dem show skills, we don get dave saves for post, no dey tie their neck with defence duties, make them show us why them dey play for giant club like united. Even as this world take hard reach, na only this 90mins we united fans dey take cool off.

Another thing wey we don notice be say you dey always prefer old cargo players pass the young bloods-why nah?? – shey you no see say na why board dey always get beef with you ni. We see how you dey take handle those young bloods for preseason and e no nice, you don forget say under Ferguson e go first pick the young players dey play them for big games, na how them take dey become beasts.

We understand say you believe say old cargo dey sabi tactics sharp sharp and e dey work for you before but that one na just rush rush solution,you gats build for the future and these young bloods wey we get fit be our saving grace later later.

So abeg, we no wan dey see them Juan Ikeji, Ashley Young for starting sheet. Make them Rashidi, Martial, shaw dey play for us even as you go dey teach them some kain tins to make them beasts for football.

Mazi Jose, na only three sad matches don pass, give us that feeling back, we wan get our United of old wey dey make our body dey jimjim every matchday, play football wey be say other teams go dey fear fear, if we dey play like this, na trophies and better better players go dey rush us.

So abeg show us another tin this weekend against burnley, make we knack them in grand style and even as we still dey trust you, make you help us bring back our devil #bbod. Taink you

We go dey see.

Yours sincerely,
Na die hard fan.

Wetin you think?

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