Maroune Fellaini na the solution to Manchester United defensive problems but wetin go happen when e injure?

Maroune Fellaini dey provide stability to Manchester United’ defence and fans don dey appreciate hin work but wetin go happen when e go hin normal injury wey dey happen every season?

Who go replace am for there wey fit provide stability to our defence, wet fit make our right-back and left-back overlap?

The matches wey the Reds face against Burnley and Watford, na Fellaini wey play DM as the clubs dey very direct and to my suprise, e do magic for that position as e bin allow make Shaw/Young and Valencia overlap. In Burnley, e bin try wella defensively. Then, Against Watford, Jose Mourinho con add jara to hin roles when United win set-pieces as na him be the target man for Ashley Young.

So wetin go happen if e wound? Shey na Matic wey go replace am? or na Pereira go come play the DM role wey e no too sabi? Personally, i believe say Pereira no be DM, na winger wey fit play midfield too but e suppose dey play high up the pitch. Fred no fit play Defensive midfield role as hin blood too dey hot, baba go just collect red card.

Wetin you think?

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