Players’ report card ontop Derby win over Manchester United for Carabao Cup: Romero don mess up

Like play like play, Old Trafford don dey transform from Fortress to Beer Parlor. The Theatre of Dreams bin turn to Nightmare as Derby County don kick Manchester United commot from Carabao Cup. Wetin we go begin panic or not, na story for another day. Right now, i wan grade all our players ontop how dem take perform against Derby.

Sergio Romero: Hin body dey Old Trafford, hin mind dey house. I go rate am 1.

Diogo Dalot: E no overlap as usual, maybe na Mourinho’s instructions. Hin assist for Fellaini make brain. I go rate am 5.

Ashley Young: I go rate him and hin ‘anywhere belle face’ cross as 3.

Phil Jones: Na error, 2.

Eric Bailly: Him and Jones just dey do competition for who go blunder pass. I go rate am 3.

Ander Herrera: E try for first half, e mumu for second half, 4.

Matic: E no impact the game at all, 4.

Juan Mata: After hin goal, e begin think about the next headline for hin blog, 4.

Jesse Lingard: E dey run around like horse wey dem abandon for Lekki beach, 3.

Anthony Martial: Na only him wey try for our attack. I go rate am 7.

Romelu Lukaku: E worry Derby defence but e dey waste chances, 5.

Bench warmers:

Fred: Na vanishing spray, 2.

Lee Grant: E try but e mess up during the penarity shootout, 4.

Fellaini: E try wella as e save Mourinho from initial shame, 6.

Wetin you think?

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