Since Ronaldo dun commot, United No. 7s never score 20% of him goals – Yawa dun gass

  • Over the nine years, na just 13 goals wey dun commot from the club‘s No 7 for league
  • Five players dun wear the famous shirt

Cristiano Ronaldo managed 84 goals for Man United from 2003 until hin exit for 2009. Watin the Portuguese score on average for one year for Old Trafford, na hin all of hin successors combined dun repeat only for slightly over nine years.

Na Michael Owen first wear the seven on hin back after Ronaldo. The Englishman, who dun already hate to dey play football by then, tear just 5 league goals for 31 appearances.

Then, for a while, no Antonio Valencia wey only contribute once despite say hin play 30 games. Angel Di Maria con get bright start but after all the yanga na just three-goal return for 27 matches. Memphis Depay con add two more after 33 cameos.

Finally, Alexis Sanchez now dun only get two Premier League goals for 17 outings to hin name despite say hin dun dey here since January and dem give am summer to rest body wella.

The question now be say this No. 7 wey always be ballon d or contender for United before before, se dem dun curse am nii abi we never see beta pesin wear am? Drop your comment


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