Five Things wey we observe as West Ham disgrace Manchester United 3-1: Mourinho no dey special again


Today na the way wey i don officially commot from Jose Mourinho’s back after the 3-1 defeat wey the Red Devils face at the hands of West Ham.

I believe say time don run out for the United manager but i go explain why later on. But the koko na say, this match fit make person bitter. The only goal wey we score na through Marcus Rashford. We wan talk about the five things wey we observe for the game.

The first thing wey we observe na say Mourinho dey tactically dumb sometimes. For this life, sometimes, person wey too sabi book, go dey make mistakes, because e wan show everybody say e sabi book. E sure me say na point e dey try prove when e start McTominay for defence and e leave Eric Bailly for bench but the thing don backfire on am. The whole setup wey United do today na failure. The team dey drop deep, dey sit back, even when dem win ball, no effort to counter as everybody dey sit back (Na only Lukaku and Martial go dey front). The times wey Pogba bin dey with ball for the game, e go dey urge hin players to run front, but most of dem go siddon for back like say dem dey fear Mourinho, say dem no wan disobey am.

The second thing wey we observe na say the whole team dey in shambles. First i don blame Mourinho, yes. Now i dey also blame the players. If say i be United CEO, i go reduce their salary by 50% for the kind rubbish dem display today. The only person wey play like say e wan come back na Rashford. Apart from am, the whole team dey play like deadwood, like say we dey force dem to play football. Dem no even fit pull together series of five passes together. Game plan no dey self.

Another thing wey we observe na say United no dey attack again. The only thing wey dem dey do na to get one or two chances, so e no go be like say dem no try score. Their crosses into the box na error. Even though Ashley Young bin get a few good crosses, e do rubbish for right-back, hin take-ons na ZERO. E dey try dribble but e no dey work, but e go still dey try am.

Another thing wey we observe na say Manchester United defence na one of the worst in Premier League. Right now, Jose no sabi hin best defenders, na where wahala dey. If defence no good, e mean say e go hard to win games. If say the defence good, United for try equalize but as the defence dey bad, na wetin make West Ham score again, wey kill moral. I hear say Mourinho dey praise McTominay’s role after the game and the thing confuse me self. E mean say e go use am for more games, na wahala.

The last thing wey we observe na say Manchester United fit no make top four this season, the way things dey go, na only drastic change fit help the Red Devils. But for now, na bye bye Top Four

Wetin you think?

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