Players’s report card ontop West Ham 3-1 Man United: The whole team na pit latrin, Only Rashford try


The players’ report card today go dey very brief as the rubbish wey the United players go play ontop pitch.

De Gea: The goals no be hin fault. I go rate am 3. E just dey like Dele.

Ashley Young: Na only ‘Anywhere Belle Face’ cross e get. Hin dribbling skills na error. i go rate am 2.

Luke Shaw: E get assist for Rashford’s goal but e no try like hin former games. I go rate am 4.

Chris Smalling: This guy fall my hand today, 2.

Scott McTominay: Jose dey praise am after the game but i no see why e dey praise am, na him cause the first (offside) goal. I go rate am 2.

Victor Lindelof: This guy na pant, e score own goal self. Na error. I rate am 1.

Paul Pogba: E bin dey frustrate as most of hin United players no wan attack. Later e con dey play rubbish with them. I rate am 3.

Matic: I no see am at all. I rate am 1.

Fellaini: E miss one big chance, e try small but hin former games better pass this one. I go rate am 3.

Anthony Martial: E lose ball many times. Him and Lukaku no link up at all. Na only one time wey e show himself, wey e dribble like two people but defence clear hin shot. I go rate am 3.

Romelu Lukaku: So this guy play self? i rate am 1.

Bench Warmers

Rashford: Na only am try from bench, e score. I rate am 5.

As for Juan Mata and Fred, dem be 1.5, Dem no play shingbai when dem enter.

Wetin you think?

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