Jose Mourinho’s press conference ontop Manchester United vs Valencia clash for Champions League

As Manchester United go return to action on Tuesday night as dem wan face Valencia, Reds boss Jose Mourinho believe say hin side go turn things around.

“Champions League week dey good, even if the match dey hard. Na UCL wey everybody want, even the ones wey dey play for Europa. We dey here,” na wetin Jose yarn.

“When we go react? Our players dey different from one another. Sometimes wetin u dey see, no be the true tori. Everybody for here wan work hard and play.”

“I don talk am before, i still be the same Mourinho, wey get strong head. The one wey don carry trophies for 20 years. I believe say that my players no dey lie.”

“I no believe say my players no dey play for me. Nobody don come tell me say e get problem with me. I believe say my players dey try their best.”

“Whether i follow Ed Woodward talk yesterday? How e take consign you? I no go ask you about how you and your wife dey mekwe yesterday. I believe say na private matter,” Mourinho still dey yarn.

“How the players dey perform ontop pitch go depend on plenty things. Everybody for this club get role. The man wey dey do jersey, the person wey dey cook, when we win, all of us dey win, when we lose, na all of us lose.”

“Person fit be albino for outside and Charcoal for inside. You fit dey laugh but inside u, you dey sad. Or you fit dey act and you go dey happy. Sometimes, wetin you see, no be wetin you go get. I believe say the defeats dey pain some of my players more.”

A Spanish journalist bin ask Mourinho if Zidane call am, then Mourinho con turn and point at Neil Custis, as na him wey write the story and e yarn: “Make una go ask am as e be like say the guy put tracker for my phone.”

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