Romelu Lukaku:”The koko na to knack Juventus, we gats show dem say to win no be by star players”


Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku dey look forward to the clash wey the Reds get against Juventus on Tuesday night.

“My moral dey high. Although e pain me say Chelsea equalize us for dying minute, but we don play well for our last two games,” na wetin Lukaku yarn.  “Juve match na big game but we dey ready for am. The koko tomorrow, na to knack Juventus with all their star players.”

“For first half, we bin dey play like say we dey wear Timberland boot, but we con change am for them second half. But the koko na make we dey play like that from beginning.”

The Beglian international don also address the issue ontop why e be beast for hin national team and e go dey do like mumu for United.

Juan Mata: “Chelsea late goal pain me, but our Moral don high, we gats discipline Juventus”

“You no fit compare how i dey with Belgium to how i dey with United. I don dey with Belgium team for 10 years. For United, i still dey learn as i never too understand my teammates, dem self dey learn to play with me.”

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