Players’ report card ontop Manchester United 0-1 Juventus: Lindelof shine, Lukaku na elephant


I still dey feel sad about the Juventus defeat because i believe say we suppose see one point at least. If say that Pogba shot for enter, the story for dey different. But last last, Juventus na the better side so dem deserve the three points.

The next game wey Manchester United get na against Everton on Sunday. That one na story for another day, now i wan rate all our players ontop how dem take perform against Juventus.

De Gea: E bin make some outstanding saves to deny Juve more goals. For the Dybala goal, i no go blame am. Na Matic wey no follow hin man. I rate am 7.

Ashley Young: All hin crosses na error as e no dey meet United player. E be like say hin major job na to kill Ronaldo because anytime wey Cristiano touch ball, e go run kick am sote e go fall. All round, e no try jare. I go rate am 5.

Luke Shaw: For first half, e just dey dash ball to Juve sote i begin confuse. But e improve small for second half. No be one of hin best games, but e gain experience sha. I rate am 4.

Chris Smalling: E impress me for defence as e manage keep Juventus attack at bay most times. For the goal, no be hin fault, i go blame Matic wey no follow Dybala. I go rate am 6.

Victor Lindelof: Na one of our best players against Juventus. E mark Ronaldo and other Juventus attackers sote dem frustrate. The number of tackles and clearances wey e make from our box, i no fit count. I rate am 7.

Paul Pogba: E try, e no too lose ball, hin passes make brain. E bin get the best attempt of the match for United. E also manage steal ball from Juve many times. I rate am 7.

Matic: This guy mess up jare, na him wey cause the goal and i no sabi why e no dey shoot. I rate am 4.

Mata: E mess up for first half but e con improve for second half. I rate am 6.

Rashford: This guy dey compete with Lukaku ontop who mumu pass. I rate am 3.

Martial: E make many wrong decisions for the game and e no link up with Luke Shaw wella. I no know why e bin dey stingy against Juventus. All the times wey Shaw overlap, e no give am ball. I rate am 4.

Lukaku: This guy na elephant jare. I rate am 1.

Wetin you think?

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