Mourinho’s press conference ontop Manchester United v Everton: Lingard fit return, Lukaku no go rest


Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho don sharply run press conference ahead of United’s Premier League clash against Everton on Sunday.

The boss don confirm say Lingard dey close to return from injury.

“E don almost dey fit. Shey e fit help us in the next game? Na wetin we go find out tomorrow, or we fit wait one more week,” na wetin Mourinho yarn. “Lingard? Na the problem wey e carry come from World Cup with. E bin think say the holiday wey e get after World Cup go fix am but e no happen. When e dey play ball, leg dey pain am. Now e don dey work on hin fitness. e don almost come back.”

The United boss don back Romelu Lukaku as e believe say hin striker go shame hin haters soon.

“I dey always believe say e go score for the next game. Na how i dey feel every game. One day e go happen, e go score and hin confidence go come back. E go make hin haters swallow their spit.”

“Some people go just dey do I too know, say make i rest Lukaku against Juventus.. If i rest am, who go strike? shey na Carrick?. See ehn, the position we dey right now, no be the time to rest players.”


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