Players’ report card ontop Manchester United 2-1 Everton: Na Toto sure pass

We dey good mood this Morning because Manchester United don get back to winning ways after dem knack Everton 2-1. Right now, the Red Devils dey Eight position, behind Bournemouth and Watford. As the next game wey United get na against Bournemouth, a win go put Mourinho’s men for fine position and e fit re-ignite their top four battle.

Meanwhile make we rate how our players take perform against Everton.

De Gea: I no go blame am for the goal wey Everton score, na Pogba and Smalling cause am. I rate am 6.

Luke Shaw: No be one of hin best games but e try sha. I rate am 5.

Ashley Young: E try for back as e bin make some aggressive tackles. E try sha. I rate am 6.

Victor Lindelof: E don continue hin recent good run of form. If e continue like this, e fit become our best defender this season. I rate am 8.

Smalling: Na him cause the penarity wey Everton get but na nice performance from am all round. I rate am 7.

Matic: Out of all our midfielders, na him play rubbish pass. I rate am 4.

Pogba: E get nice game but that hin 100 years penarity sha. E score plus e get assist, so i go rate am 8.

Fred: Our Brazilian winchy winchy try today. I go rate am 6.

Anthony Martial: Na him be Man of the Match. E suppose score pass one goal but e go miss one on one. I rate am 10.

Rashford: E dey unlucky to miss goal but e play well compared to other games. I rate am 7.

Juan Mata: Him self get good game like Rashford. I rate am 7.

Wetin you think?

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