Jose Mourinho’s press conference v Bournemouth: Alexis and Lingard dey available

As Manchester United dey prepare for the Premier League away clash against AFC Bournemouth, Reds boss Jose Mourinho don sharply run press conference ontop the matter.

“This week make brain. We bin work on our tactics, some players don improve their fitness. Some players don almost ready but dem never dey at 100%,” na wetin Mourinho yarn. “Lingard and Alexis dey available but dem never full ground yet.”

“Dalot and Fellaini dey out. The only person wey hin injury don become worse na Antonio Valencia, hin knee dey give am wahala. But Alexis and Lingard dey ready.”

“For now ehn, we gats chook eye for our own matter so we fit dey win games,” na wetin Jose yarn. “But i reason say e no dey easy, like how we enter Stamford Bridge n ball Chelsea, but we no fit win.”

“The calendar no favour us, but i believe say we no go dey this position by December. We go try dey knack teams. Right now, we dey outside top four so we gats work hard so we fit enter top four, na the koko be that.”

The Red Boss don also praise Bournemouth for their solid run this season: “Their story no dey surprise me. As dem don balance well for Premier League, now dem wan fight for Europa League, wey dey below top four, no be easy position to finis

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