Player report card ontop Manchester derby: Na Ander Herrera flop pass

The Red Devils bin start the week on a bad note as dem lose 3-1 against Man City. The people wey score for the blues na David Silva, Aguero and Gundagon. While na Anthony Martial score for United.

I hope say the international break go allow make Mourinho fix hin defence as United’s goal difference na -1. Na big shame for huge club like United. Anyway, make we rate the Reds men:

David de Gea: E be like vanishing spray for post. E no make any mad save. E allow make dem score am three goals. For the two, i no go blame am but e suppose save that Aguero goal. I rate am 4.

Luke Shaw: E get hand for their first goal as e no track Mahrez’s run. I rate am 4.

Ashley Young: Hin wing bin leak wella throughout the game. I rate am 4.

Chris Smalling: Na bathroom slippers jare, i rate am 3.

Victor Lindelof: E no play well vs City. But e try small pass Smalling. 4.

Ander Herrera: Na our worst player ontop pitch vs City. E just dey hand over ball to their players. I rate am 1.

Maroune Fellaini: E get good game as e use head clear many balls from defence. E also link well with Martial but e no help us with hin head for City box. I rate am 5.

Nemanja Matic: E bad but e no reach Herrera. I rate am 3.

Jesse Lingard: E just dey run up and down, no impact. Na him cause the second goal. I rate am 2.

Anthony Martial: Na the only outfield player wey try small. I rate am 6.

Marcus Rashford: Apart from hin pace, nothing again. E forget hin brain for Carrington. I rate am 2.

Bench Players:

For Lukaku, na 3 i go give am while Alexis and Mata, na 2 i go give them.

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