Players’ report card ontop Manchester United 1-0 Young Boys: Na De Gea shine pass

The Red Devils wan use tension kill person. Honestly, i bin think say na draw as i don commot mind from the game, but as Fellaini score goal for the 91st minute, i wan tear my shirt. The goal wey the Belgian score don mean Manchester United don qualify for the next round with one game in hand.

We wan rate all the United players ontop how dem take perform:

De Gea: I go rate am 10 because if no be for am, United for no win.

Valencia: E try for back but e no help for attack. I rate am 5.

Luke Shaw: E get hand for the winning goal, as na him wey cross give Lukaku, wey do assist for Fellaini. I rate am 7.

Phil Jones: E impress me as e no allow make Young Boys see scoring chance. I rate am 6.

Chris Smalling: Just like Jones, e try too. E no do error, Praise God. I rate am 6.

Matic: The guy dey slow as usual. I rate am 5.

Fellaini: The guy dey too static but i no go yab am as na him wey score winning goal. I rate am 7.

Fred: E play well for first half but e also dash Young Boys ball plenty times. i rate am 6.

Jesse Lingard: This guy no dey try jare. E go England, dey form king of boys, dey score anyhow. E come United, come dey mumu. I rate am 5.

Marcus Rashford: This guy fit see 100 chances and e go miss all of them. E get ginger but hin ginger no dey produce result. i rate am 5.

Anthony Martial: E no dey the game at all. I rate am 4.


I go rate Pogba 6, Mata 5 and Lukaku 7 for hin assist.

Wetin you think?

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