Five things wey we observe as Manchester United draw 2-2 against Southampton: Mourinho out!

You go think say you don see the worst Manchester United performance but dem go show you say you never see anything yet. Na the summary of wetin happen as the Red Devils draw 2-2 against Southampton.

Our next game na against Arsenal. Anyway, we wan talk about the five things wey we observe tonight:

Firstly, Mourinho’s cup don full. Hin philosophy na error. Today, if United win ball from Southampton, na only Lukaku and Rashford go dey front, the other players no go try attack. So e mean say counter-attack no dey possible. If you no trust Matic for defence, why you play am there, and leave Rojo for bench?. I believe say make the board sack Jose.

Secondly, the United team na dead, full dead. Na only Rashford wey play well today. As for the remaining players (apart from De Gea), make dem bury their head in cement. Na big disgrace, dem shame their family. Especially that Pogba wey go dey play like say hin brain dey inside hin anus.

Thirdly, Man United be reactive team. Dem only fit play well when dem dey behind. Na the same thing happen again. As soon as dem equalize, dem relax, dey play like the game no consign dem.

Another thing wey we observe na say Manchester United no finish top four this season. As United fan, if i talk say we go finish there, i dey deceive myself. I love the club but i wan talk truth. Our club right now, dey struggle against relegation teams. Problem dey.

Lastly, i wan console all the United fans wey dey travel go watch Man U this season. E go dey painful to watch team dey play like say the game no consign dem. I also wan console all United fans around the world, e go better.

Wetin you think?

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