Jose Mourinho press conference ontop Manchester United v Arsenal: “E go hard us”

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho don run press conference ahead of hin side’s Premier League clash against Arsenal on Wednesday night.

Earlier this week, the Reds boss bin talk say na Miracle if United finish top four, now e don dey change mouth.

Mourinho: “Wetin we need no be miracle, na make luck dey follow us. Some of our players no dey perform at their best. Our team gats play better. But no be miracle we need.”

Mourinho: “I no be street boy. You no fit see me for hood, dey hail people.”

Mourinho: “United dey 7th. E no suppose be but we know say we go finish above Everton when season end. Everybody sabi the first six teams when season end.”

Jose ontop Arsenal: “Na tough match o. Dem sabi ball and their results make brain. But fashi say most of players don injure, the match go hard them too.”

Reporters don ask Mourinho if e call Pogba ‘Virus’ and na wetin e reply be this: “Una be mumu, after una don spread am, una dey ask me. Oloshi.”

“Una see me for press conference, una see me for post interview. You sabi wetin i talk. If you wan pick my words, dey pick the one wey you hear with your ears. No be dem say dem say. Me no be that kind man.”

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