Manchester United attacker Romelu Lukaku don explain why hin form drop

Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku don explain why hin form bin drop. The Belgian don admit say na World Cup fatigue affect am but e dey ready to improve himself so e fit dey help the team. 

Lukaku: “When i bin dey World Cup, i feel say I play well as i use muscle play. But as i come back Premier League, i bin know say i no fit use the same amount of muscle play as na different style we dey play for here.” 

 “As soon as i come back from World Cup, i know say i gats lose muscle sharp sharp. So i no go gym, i con dey chop plenty vegetable and fish and i dey drink water. E help o.”

“After the World Cup, i bin dey tired. Na the same thing wey happen to me after 2014 World Cup self, as i reach Everton. I play rubbish after am. So i believe say i don get myself again and i dey ready to catch fire.” 

Lukaku on hin new fitness plan: “I dey protect myself for gym and i dey work on speed bursts for training, na the koko for me be that.” 

Lukaku: “Me and my manager don yarn this week, and e don tell me wetin e want from me. I know say i gats improve. I dey look straight and i dey improve, i dey add to my game as i know say e go help the team.” 

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