Five things wey we observe as Liverpool disgrace Manchester United 3-1: Mourinho’s time don run out?

Manchester United don shame me as dem lose 3-1 against Liverpool for Anfield. Na big embarrassment, anyway make i talk about the five things wey i observe:

Firstly, Jose Mourinho bin fail tactically. Many questions dey fans lips like ‘Why e start Lukaku? Why e remove Dalot for Fellaini instead of Pogba? Why e allow make Robertson dey overlap after Dalot commot?’. The United boss fail woefully today.

Secondly, Liverpool bin rip United defence apart and na only God save dem say e no end 5-1. I dey impressed with Bailly, apart from am, Lindelof and Darmian bin fall my hand.

Thirdly, United’s midfield bin fall hand tonight. Dem bin miss Paul Pogba wella but the pride wey dey for Mourinho’s head, no allow am use Pogba. Matic and Herrera bin struggle throughout the game to dictate play.

Another thing wey we observe na say Manchester United attack struggle wella tonight. I wan hail Lingard for hin goal, Rashford ginger well but Lukaku na elephant jare. The guy go just dey spoil ball. Even to win common aerial ball, na problem for the Belgian like say na fufu full hin body.

The last thing wey we observe na say Manchester United na one of the worst teams for Premier League this season. Right now, na dem don concede the most goals for the League. Na big shame.

Wetin you think?

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