Players’ report card ontop Liverpool 3-1 Manchester United: Na Lukaku flop pass

So the Red Devils don shame me and their family members as dem allow make Shaqiri enter pitch to disgrace them. I no even know how manage but e commot from bench, score two goals wey sink us to 3-1 defeat.

Anyhow, make i rate all our United players:

De Gea: E try, e make some good saves. I no go blame am for both Shaqiri goals, na deflection. 6

Dalot: E bin struggle for first half. 1

Lindelof: E fall my hand today, e just dey do mistake. 2

Bailly: Out of all our defenders, na only him do well. 5

Young: E try small but e no get direction. 3

Darmian: This guy go show for one minute, then e go disappear for 20 mins. 2

Matic: Na fraud today. 2

Herrera: E just dey shake like say fire dey Liverpool players body. 2

Lingard: E try for hin goal. I rate am 5.

Rashford: E try as e ginger but as Lukaku be elephant, e no get support. 4

Lukaku: Na the worst United player for that pitch. 0.5

Wetin you think?

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