Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer don run hin first press conference

Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer don brief the press ontop hin first conference at the club ahead of the Red Devils clash against Cardiff on Saturday.

Ole: “I no even reason am at all when United come, talk say dem wan sign me as player. Na why e dey make my head swell say dem wan make i lead their team for some months.”

Ole: “The players dey happy, moral dey high. For this life, e dey sweet person to meet new people. I don sabi some of them before, but i dey meet some for the first time. Dem dey do well.”

Solskjaer: “When this kind job knock on your door, and dem talk say dem need you for six months, the thing wey you fit talk na say ‘Ehen, i dey ready to do my best’. I go move the club forward.”

Solskjaer: “The players wey United go buy for January, i get mouth for their decision. My job now na to sabi our players, how i go fit improve them. Na my job. The club don get people who dem wan sign, i go evaluate them.”

Ole: “Carrick and Kieran dey try wella. E don sweet me as i dey home again. Many games dey for the next 10-15 days, the aim na to collect many points.”

Ole: “Lukaku dey on leave, i never see am yet. I never see Alexis too. E dey on hin way back. E dey hungry me to meet am.”

Ole: “The time wey i spend for Cardiff na huge step for me. I bin make some mistakes sha but for this life, if you no make mistakes, you no go fit learn.”

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