Ander Herrera don react ontop Manchester United 4-1 win over Bournemouth

Manchester United midfielder Ander Herrera bin play key role as the Red Devils demolish Bournemouth 4-1 for Old Trafford.

Now the Spaniard don yarn about the game and how United don improve.

Herrera: “We dey fly high now and everybody dey play well. Our attacking players dey enjoy themselves and dem dey make things easy for the rest of us.”

Herrera: “When you dey win and you dey score plenty goals, the next game go dey hungry you. I dey pray make we knack Newcastle. We dey sixth now but no be where we deserve as plenty evil players full this squad.”

Herrera: “Wetin Ole talk when e first come here na say, the best way to win games, na to score first. E talk say once you score, no stop dey attack o, attack dem till dem shit for pant. E talk say the best way to defend na to attack and keep the ball.”

Herrera: “We don win our last three games but i no like as people dey compare Ole to Jose. I dey grateful to Jose and everything wey e do for this club. Now we don get new manager, shikena. No compare.”

Wetin you think?

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