Players report card ontop Tottenham 0-1 Manchester United: De Gea na winsh

No goalkeeper reach De Gea for this world

Manchester United don get another win under new caretaker manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as dem knack Spurs 1-0 for Wembley. The person wey score for the Reds na Marcus Rashford, for first half after Pogba give am one sweet pass. But the overall star na De Gea, as na him wey deny Tottenham equalizer.

Ole’s men don win five Premier League games in a row. Their next game na against Brighton for Old Trafford. Make we rate the United players ontop how dem take perform:

David de Gea: Na my Man of the Match. E bin make 11 saves to deny Tottenham goal. All the saves bin happen for second half as Spurs wan use chances kill United. If no be for De Gea ehn, United for no win tonight. I rate am 10/10

Luke Shaw: After De Gea, na United’s best player as e bin make many important blocks to stop Spurs cross. I rate am 9.

Ashley Young: E try sha but e no dey as effective as Shaw today. I rate am 7.

Phil Jones: If say Spurs for score, na him i for blame. Harry Kane just dey treat am like small pikin. All round, e try sha. I rate am 6.

Victor Lindelof: Na one of hin best performances for United as defender. E bin allow Dele Alli to leave am for bush sometimes sha. I rate am 8.

Paul Pogba: Na power house for the United attack today. Hin assist for Rashford na superb. E suppose get goal for the game but na Lloris save Tottenham. I rate am 8.

Ander Herrera: Na one of our best player today. E play pass Pogba self, if i go dey honest. The guy run sote leg begin pain am. I rate am 9.

Nemanja Matic: I dey happy with hin performance today. E try. 7

Anthony Martial: Na our worse player for that pitch. I bin dey expect more from am. I rate am 5.

Marcus Rashford: Hin goal na world class finish. E impress me well, especially for that first half. I rate am 8.

Jesse Lingard: E try for first half but e vanish for second half. I rate am 6.

As for the bench boys, i go rate all of them wey enter at 5 (Dalot, Lukaku and Mc Tominay)

Wetin you think?

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