Wetin dey worry Alexis Sanchez at Manchester United?

After the PSG defeat, we bin observe say many fans dey yab Alexis Sanchez for hin yama yama performance against the French team. We self at MUIP follow for the people wey yab am as e shock me say the Sanchez wey full ground at Arsenal, don turn mumu at United.

Since the time wey the Chilean wakka enter Old Trafford, na struggle wey hin dey struggle. E be like say na Arsenal spy self, i don dey reason am.

At first, i bin dey think say na Jose Mourinho dey limit hin star but now wey Ole don enter and the team dey play attacking game, e still dey struggle. Na who we go blame?

The worst part na say e dey give 100% effort but hin effort no dey produce results. I don even notice say e no dey shoot for United, na so so pass pass. When this guy bin dey Arsenal ehn, e dey hungry for goals sote e dey shoot many times, but since when e enter United, na so so pass pass wey tire person.

I believe make United give am private training session where e fit dey shoot, no be passing we buy am for, no be hin work. Another thing na say, make dem dey give am more chances, hin form fit improve. If e no perform from now till when season end, the best option na to sell am.

Wetin you think?

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