Juan Mata’s blog in pidgin: Chelsea and Liverpool no go easy but we go try our best

As Monday don reach, Juan Mata don come again with another weekly episode of hin blog and we sharply don covert am to pidgin as e dey hot:

My People how body,

Today i dey write una from London, where we get big match. We dey wakka enter Stamford Bridge to face Chelsea and if we beat them, we go wakka enter quarter-final for FA Cup. Step by Step, we dey move for FA Cup as we don beat some tough teams like Arsenal, now another one dey stand before us. But if we wan carry this cup, we gats beat Chelsea. E dey bring back memories for me as i don play for Chelsea before so Stamford Bridge na like my house but i hope make we knack them.

Some days don pass after our defeat against PSG at Old Trafford and e don dey hungry us to play again. That game pain us make i no lie. That first goal wey dem score us, weak our moral. But we gats wait until March if we wan turn things around for second leg tie.

Well before that second leg tie, many important games dey wait us as we go face Chelsea tonight, and Liverpool on Sunday. But i hope say we go dey return back Manchester with joy after tonight.

I wan thank all of una for support, make una enjoy una week.

Wetin you think?

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