Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: “Martial and Lingard fit face Liverpool. We don learn from PSG mistake”

Manchester United caretaker manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer don run hin press conference ahead of the Liverpool clash this Sunday.

Solskjaer: “I dey hope and think say Martial go dey ready, as for Lingard i hope say e go dey ready but na two different woundjure sha. But Lingard’s chances dey very slim compared to Martial.”

Ole ontop say e dey face Liverpool: “I don play for this kind game before so i sabi say na huge game for the fans and for everybody wey dey work here. We don put head for ground, we sabi wetin we suppose do, we eno go panic, we go pepper them. Na hard game we dey play on Sunday but i know say e go dey fear dem to enter Old Trafford. Dem go respect us and we go respect them.

Ole: “Nothing consign me with wetin Liverpool dey do, my own na to focus on wetin we gats do to enter where we wan dey.”

Ole: “The koko no be pride. I feel say we dey move in the right direction, we dey move enter where we suppose dey for table. The koko na forward ever, backward never.”

Ole: “We gats play better than wetin we do against PSG. Na the koko because na two big teams dey face each-other. We gats learn from our mistakes and make sure we go dey focused throughout the whole game.”

Ole ontop Pogba: “Him na top player. No be today wey i don like am o, na since when e be pikin. Him na World Cup winner, e be leader for dressing room and ontop pitch, and na everytime e dey demand for ball.”

“Different types of midfielders dey this world but na only one Paul Pogba dey. E sabi score goals, e get skills and that hin diving header against Chelsea make brain. The guy dey do all, e fit siddon for Oshodi, dey spread passes to Accra, Cape Town, etc.”

Ole: “Herrera? That guy ehn, e no dey tire, e fit run everywhere ontop pitch. Na how we see for left-wing against Chelsea. Hin passion no be for here, e get ginger. The ginger wey dey hin body, dey spread to other players. Him na leader.”

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