Why Jose Mourinho bin beef Paul Pogba when e dey Manchester United?

I know say things don dey go well with Manchester United since wey Ole Gunnar Solskjaer become the Reds caretaker boss as e don manage bring out the best from French midfielder Paul Pogba. The koko na say Ole dey use the French international for hin best position and e dey give am freedom to attack.

But lately i don dey ask myself why Jose Mourinho no fit bring out the best in Pogba during hin time as United boss.

I don come to the conclusion say one of the reasons na clash of egos. Paul Pogba na person wey get big ego as e sabi say him na World Class midfielder wey don carry World Cup and e don play for Champions League final. Jose Mourinho on the other hand, na manager wey be serial winner, e don win many trophies so himself get big ego, na why anytime wey person wan question hin authority, e go dey remind you of the number of times wey him don carry trophies. Jose na person wey no fit relate well with players wey get big egos. The only person wey Jose manage well na Zlatan Ibrahimovic but na because Zlatan na playful guy. But people like Ronaldo, Hazard and Pogba, Mourinho no just blend with them when things dey go sideways.

Another area where Jose bin mess up na when e dey use Pogba as holding midfielder, then e go con send Fellaini to play attacking midfield role. I fit understand when e dey use Fellaini as plan B but the times wey weak me na when e start game with that pattern. How person wey get sense go tell Pogba to sit, and Fellaini to attack?. If i fit engage Jose in one minute chat session, na wetin i go ask am personally.

Las Las, e sweet me say dem sack am, I appreciate everything wey Jose Mourinho do for United and the trophies wey e carry but i no miss am one bit.

Wetin you think?

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